Ruby Red Trilogy Series by Kerstin Gier review



Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Oh I wish I paid more attention in my German class in high school. I really wanna read the original version.

This is my first time reading time-travel book (I think?) and I liked it! The concept of this series, I cannot stop reading them..
The characters and the story-line are great. What I especially love is the concept behind the story, it was unlike anything I have ever read. It is just that I prefer something more ‘wow’ for the ending, it lacks of plot twist and kind of predictable, I kinda guessed already what would happen.

I like Gwennyth and how her character is developed from the first book to the end. Leslie, omg she is amazing, and it is true as she said, it is so good to be a best friend of a time-traveler, better than being the time-traveler itself. Gideon, I liked him alright, I think he was just a sexy typical boyfriend that is very commonly found.
I on the other hand liked loved James! Good God, for some unknown reason I want more story about him and I kinda ship him with Gwennyth and goshh… I think I’m alone in shipping them together. But I am happy for how his life turned out, at least he was happy! Ich liebe dich, James!

Over all, this book is great and even great that after reading this you can watch the movie! I cannot wait for the third movie that will come out this July!


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