Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review by J.K. Rowling


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Ooookay, this is disappointing.
First, the book is not written like a book. It was more like a script. There are no descriptive paragraph describing the characters’ feeling, what they’re doing. The book contained conversations. Exactly what a script is.
I honestly expect more from this book, I want more.
This story revolves around Albus and Scorpio and time travel. This is a story about Albus who wants to prove worthy of his father, thus almost destroy the world.
As in love as I was with the previous series, I can’t say I’m in love with this book. It lacks of adventure.


The book started with Albus’s first year, as shown in the seventh book’s epilogue, Albus was nervous about getting sort to Slytherin. Though, it was true he did get into Slytherin (I was so happy, because finally, something new. He befriended Scorpio Malfoy and together they were kind of the losers in the school. Because well, Albus is Harry Potter’s son who got in Slytherin and Scorpio, there are ridiculous rumor that he was Voldermort’s son.
Then one day when Albus overheard Harry’s and Amos Diggory’s conversation about how Amos heard about time-turner and wanting the Ministry to go back in time to save Cedric, Albus decided to go on adventure with Scorpio to save Cedric. This resulted with a lot of destruction for time. World nearly got destroyed, Voldermort ruled, etc.

Anyway, Harry showed up and saved the world. Again.

Honestly, I have to say this again, I expected something more. I wanted to know how all the characters doing. I desperately wanted to know about George Weasley, because he and Fred are my favorite character all the time and there were no mention about George at all.
Like I said, the story is told narrowly.

Additional point, I love the reconciliation between Harry and Draco <33

But I have no doubt that the story will be amazing on movies. I only wish that it was nor written in a script form.
Overall, I was not satisfied about the book, because it only gives us a little peek of Harry Potter’s life and none of other.


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