Shadowhunter S01E10 Review

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

I just watched Shadowhunters “The World Inverted”, I’ve been dreading to watch this episode since the very beginning. This episode is where Clary was trapped in the other dimension where there were no shadowhunters.
So after Meliorn was saved by Jace, Izzy and Clary, Meliron repaid Jace and Clary by giving the information about how to find Valentine.
Through the portal they went…
In this dimension, Clary faced a – what should I say? awesome? – challange, where she had to focus and not to be lured to this world. This dimension was where her mother was not missing, his father, Valentine was not evil and more inportantly no demon.
She found Magnus and asked Magnus for help in this world to find the portal to Valentine’s location.
While, Izzy returning to institute and was arrested for high treason for rescuing Meliorn. Alec would do anything to save Izzy. He wanted to trade the mortal cup with Izzy but unfortunately Jace had already taken the mortal cup. This drove Alec furious.
“Jace is dead to me.” He said.
(GOSH, this is too far, Alec was like consumed by anger ever since he found out that his parents were part of the Circle. He wanted to do everything right but along the road he didn’t realize that he might lose people he loved. Like Jace, his parabatai.)

Jace and Meliorn were guarding the portal while Clary was in it. Demon was lured by the portal and they fought the demon. Unfortunately the demon got in and Jace went in as well to save Clary.
In there, they killed the demon and found the portal to Valentine’s location.
Well well..

Here what I was expecting in this episode, that Jace would see Valentine and be like, “Dad?”.

He did find his dad, but his dad was not Valentine.
And the episode ended there.

WHY?? Why is his dad not Valentine??
That was like the biggest part of the book, seriously..
Okay I need to stop complaining, I’m sure there will be more surprises later.
Overall I enjoy the episode and especially Dominic’s acting!! When he saw his father, it was a perfect acting.


Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

Rating: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments Season 01 Episode 01

Cassdandra Clare’s masterpiece of Shadowhunter world was turned into a movie three years ago and it was a good movie. When I heard that the series would be transformed into a TV Series, I was so excited I could not wait another day without watching it.

So today is the day! I just watched Shadowhunters s01e01 and it was very disappointing. This series was supposed to be amazing. But instead, it was dull, humorless and a bit rushed.

For one, Clary, the protagonist character, who was portrayed by Katherine McNamara in the series wasn’t what I’d imagined Clary would be. Her hair was too orange (Didn’t Clary have red hair?); and then Isabelle, why was she a Latina? Not only that, there are still many characters on the show that hasn’t been revealed yet, and they were not what we actually hoped for. We can get to them later.

So, the pilot starts on the scene where Jace, Alec and Izzy were hunting a demon who sells demon blood. While they were hunting, Jace walked into Clary which she responded by calling out to him and told him to watch where he was going. Jace was startled that Clary apparently could see him. Then the scene went back to eight hours earlier.

Clary was living her mundane life, worrying about getting into art academy, her eighteenth birthday, and having fun with her best friend, Simon, who clearly had a thing for her. But that day, in her eighteenth birthday, her life suddenly changed. She discovered that she’s been drawing magical symbol called runes unknowingly, that herself was part of something bigger, her mother was kidnapped, they were betrayed by Luke and now she was with this shadowhunter group. Jace took interest in her but Alec was the opposite, he despised the idea of something new. But to save her mother, they were her best chance.

With so many things to be discovered, it only took one lousy episode to cover it all. It feels like the introduction to the shadow-world was rushed into just forty minutes. If I never read the book or watched the movie, I would not finish this episode. People who watched this episode for the first time and never know anything about The Mortal Instruments will get confused by watching this. The episode moves so fast that it barely gives us – the watcher – to breathe or to wrap our head around it. It just goes and goes.

Unfortunately, I am a big fan of the books, so I would continue watch the series. I do hope it will get better though.